Walmart Uniform

I don’t think the employees of Wal-Mart are going to like their new uniform. What do you think??

Sexiest Uniform EVER

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75 comments on “Walmart Uniform
  1. gimpy says:

    that is nasty!

  2. Sam Waltons says:

    Actually Wal-Mart will make money off off of this. It will only take like (and don’t quote me on this) $1 to make a shirt, they will give their workers 1 or 2 shirts. That means you will have to get 2-3 more shirts for the week of work. Wal-Mart will charge their workers $15-20 a shirt. Then on top of that they have to get new pants and shoes.

    If Wal-Mart has 1.3million workers that will be alot of money. nearly 5million of just the profit of uniforms from their associates.

    That’s going to suck cause I work at Wal-Mart and I can barely afford the cost of living now they will make me buy all this stuff.

    Furthermore associates will now not be able to take off their vest and look like a customer. You are now stuck in the whole uniform so now Wal-Mart owns you till you get home and change clothes.

  3. Doug says:

    First off you have no business publishing such things as prices for items that ahve not been decided yet. If you work for Wal*Mart then you should know that the cost of the tee-shirts available is significantly more than $1 and my store sells them for $5 minus the discount. As for having to spend money on clothes for work, would you rather pay for the clothing required in say a bank? Dress shirt and tie and dress pants for the men, skirt and blouse or dress for the women(pant suit maybe but no real savings in cost).

  4. mob says:

    I decide that Wal*Mart can sell shirts for $1. I dont work for Wal*Mart. Starting next fiscal quarter, Wal*Mart employees will be required to wear a suit.

    Required WalMart Suit

  5. James says:

    they say in some states that already have them do like them and further more i think we will like them however in light to this most people that work on the floor wear jeans no khaki’s like they are supposed to and some people wear sweat pants like grey or blak jeans even howver i think it will make wal-mart employess look good and professnial! however wal-mary should ahve made the unforms in red cause target is in red would have been nice have a smiley face on it and wla-mart in white. but oh well the blue shirts look nice i have seen them…

  6. mob says:

    That may be one of the longest run on sentences on this site.

  7. sporting goods jim says:

    Watch the 4 minute video that your store should have video taped between week 39 and 40. There are a variety of shirts and pants allowed. The shirt does not have to have a WalMart logo on it. The shirt just has to be the same color for all employees at the same store. This is a good move on the company’s part for this reason alone: In my 5 years with WalMart, I’ve seen way too many associates sent home to change clothes for violating the dress code. If you want to wear jeans, become an unloader, cart pusher, or work in garden center. If you want to wear that cute, short skirt go to the club. Sweat pants are for the gym and flip-flops are for the beach. Associates would rather use the excuse that they have no money and dress inappropriately, than to meet the standards of the job they voluntarily accepted. Think positive instead of negative. Store teams will look more like that—Store Teams. Taking a vest on or off is not going to matter. Before I joined WalMart I worked for QuikTrip, a local convenience store chain. Their uniform is red, khaki and black. When I’d stop by the WalMart across the street after work, customers would ask me for help in the store. Last time I checked, the majority of WalMart associates wore blue vests, not a red shirt, khakis and a black pullover that all said “QuikTrip.” Customers are just looking for help. A uniform implies you, the associate 1) Work there 2) Take pride in your appearance 3)Get along with your Store team to all dress alike and 4)Like what you do enough “wear it on the outside.” Follow company guidelines and turn your badge around when off the clock or submit a time adjustment if you aren’t savvy enough to refer a customer to another associate after you’ve timed out. No one forced you to work at WalMart. You can quit at any time. BTW, I’m 24, wear slacks and a collared shirt to work everyday, and have a BA in Political Science. Why do I still work for WalMart? I believe Associates Can Make A Difference!

  8. Customer Service Manager Heather says:

    I think the new uniforms have both good and bad points. Yes customers may stop you when you’re off the clock however that takes like a minute tops to find them an associate on the floor, or point them to the item they need. I have never minded doing this because the customer had no idea I was off the clock, if they did most of the time I’m sure they would have found someone else to help them. Now the cost will set you back a few dollars, however I find the vests annoying to begin with and will not be sad to see them go. They do not look very nice after a few washes and if you get it stained somehow good luck on getting it out. I don’t like the color pants however due to the fact sometime syou have to get down and dirty and khaki colored pants are a poor choice for it. I think nice black pants, not jeans would have been a better choice, but khaki does look better presentation wise I suppose. I also know how many times employees would have to get sent home, matter of fact I knew a few who did it on purpose to get out of working. But overall it’s the companies choice, we agreed to the terms of dress codes, knowing they may change. So I think we all need to just accept it, after all it could be worse, at least we don’t HAVE to wear funny hats, now that I could understand a fit about :) us girls spend so much time making our hair nice, hat hair is just not acceptable LOL! Take care everyone!

  9. Manager Z says:

    If I were to have any of you working in my store, down here in Texas, you would be left without a job very quickly, as it isn’t in Wal Marts best interests to discuss company procedures, or to critic their business practices. Furthermore, if I find out any of you do work in my district, I will refer you to the D.M. immediately, so he can deal with you directly.

    Be sure to read over Wal Mart policies and procedures before you go back to work!


  10. mob says:

    Dear Manager Z,

    Thank you for your words of wisdom. You wont find me working for your immorale corporate giant. I hope you enjoy working for the money hungry family.

  11. wanttobeakennidy says:

    Hey Manager Z, I think that you will find that that most employees talk about the mart in this fashion. Get your head out of your ass.

  12. CSM Guy says:

    Manager Z, You sir, are the one that needs to learn policy. I believe the first amendment in the constitution entitles each and every american to the right to free speech. You cannot fire a single person for expressing their opinion on a policy online. What is it about you texans? All think you can rule the world… and yes, im referring to George W. Bush.

  13. Assistant Manager Jen says:

    Manager Z … Maybe it’s not in the best interest for people to post their feelings, but the impression you just made is far worse!Is that how you treat the people who work for you?

  14. mob says:

    I found out who Manager Z is… I am sorry if you work for him:

    manager z

  15. :)omer :)vice says:

    I really think the whole uniform thing is stupid, along with half a dozen other things the stores (or at least mine) is doing. to me wal mart is trying to make it’s self out to be some high class fancy place and it’s not. when you live in a small town people like to see normal people free to be themseves and to be comfy. Wal Mart is suppost to be for the people, not for the ceo’s. Sam is probley rolling over in his grave right now, just from what they already have done. I love my wal mart family, i’m just not to big on what’s suppost to be MY wal mart

  16. Join the Army says:

  17. mob mom says:

    some people should use spell check…hmmm?

  18. SunnyinFl says:

    I am the type of person who goes with the flow. I look forward to getting out of the vest. They are ugly and hot.. You have to wear them over other shirts so this makes them even hotter. I am trying to find a site where I can order polo shirts or T-shirts with the Wal-Mart logo on them. I don’t care what the cost I just want to find something that is cooler, fits better and looks more professional.

  19. J says:

    I work for wal-mart my self and feel Who ever come up with the idea of uniforms has never worked at stoor level. The shirts arn’t bad as any navy blue shirt will do. The pants on the outher hand will not work as light collers get dirty to easly and cirtin eras have alot of dirty work.

  20. mob says:

    What? Does the “cirtin eras” that get dirty on your pants happen to be the rear part, in between the pockets?

  21. Dept. Manger says:

    k, if your gonna slam the new dress code, at least know it!!!!!!!! Its ANY Navy blue shirt, it dosn’t have to be from wal-mart!!!!! And any shade of brown, not just Kaki!!! Dark brown, carharts, whatever you like!! i have a few pairs of dark brown levis and a few pairs of carharts, and they don’t look bad after a day of getting dirty!! the dress code isn’t a bad thing, just deal with it, life is about change!! if you don’t like it go to Micky D’s , they will give you one shirt for a week and you can where your black pants!!!!!

  22. mob mom says:

    what’s a “carhart”?

  23. gia says:

    If you don’t like the uniform why don’t you work for another company? wal mart is the only company that promotes people who did
    not finished high school and now they are assistant managers making up to 55,000 a year or more plus bonus.

  24. mob says:

    I like run-on sentences. I didn’t not finished high school though. (BTW – I still do not shop at Wal-Mart)

  25. 3rd Shift Instock Team says:

    I work for a new Wal-mart and we all have the new uniforms. Our store gave us 2 shirts each. You can purchase Navy blue T-shirts in the mens dept. for 5 bucks minus your discount, which in my opinion, is a good buy.

    As for the pants, we were told we could wear Khaki, green or brown. I don’t have a problem with the uniforms and I think it makes the store look like a better place. Also the fact that you don’t have to decide what to wear to work everyday is a blessing! I also just bought 3 more T-shirts with the Wal-mart name embroided on them. (You can order these on the Wire at your store, and you can also get Khaki pants too for 10 bucks).
    I love my new job at Wal-mart and my managers are all great. Not one of them sends any of us home if we are out of uniform!

    Like someone said before if you don’t like it….leave….no one is forcing you to stay and work for Wal-mart!

  26. Gingerroooo says:

    I want to work for Walmart. Walmart eats babies.

  27. Wal-Mart employee says:

    The dress code does not include green pants. The dress code is good. It makes everyone look nicer. I have no complaints. I don’t have to pick and choose what I am going to wear to work, which saves time. I don’t have to buy as much clothes, because I work often and I am at work most of the time. I like the dress code. I don’t see why it is so important to even have it up here??

  28. Dave says:

    The Walmart uniform is fine. The polo style shirts will cost the employee about $2 each after the first 2 that will be given to each. Other style shirts are available. The employee is not required to wear a “Wal-Mart” shirt, any shirt that fits the color requirement (sort of a light med blue to dark blue) will do as long as it has NO offensive writing or competitive logo. That is it can have a Polo, Levie, some rock group anything but Best Buy, Target, etc and can’t have disparaging or offensive slogans. As for the pants, any Khaki to brown color will do as long as it isnt Blue Jeans (except for truck unloaders and back room help), shorts and similar articles that would or should not be allowed at any other place of business. I think the uniforms are fine and I’ve been wearing them already for about a year.

  29. 3rd Shift Instock Team says:

    The dress code DOES include Green pants….at least for 3rd shift it does at my store. We can also wear Jeans for 3rd shift if we so wish!

  30. mob says:

    “I like the dress code. I don’t see why it is so important to even have it up here??”

    If its not important, they why explain why you like the dress code so much? I dont know why anyone posts on this post anyways… Did you read the initial comment?

  31. lets face it, no matter what you put on some people, they will not look professional. but– i do like the suggested uniform, blue shirt and khaki pants, although i would prefer to wear just a plain old blue short sleeve smock, not the vest, a smock with big pockets for your pens, etc. One important thing i do not like,I have heard that the cost of the shirts will be included in our paychecks, as if they were awards, and of course are not, thus taxes will be taken out for these shirts.

  32. Leemarie says:

    I’ve worked at Wal-Mart for almost four years now. I think our new Dress Code is going to give our associates a cleaner and more professional look. The company is giving all associates plenty of time to purchase the items necessary for the Dress Code. Our Dress Code is not in full effect, but the associates who do choose to dress accordingly put the other associates to shame. I think the new policy is trendy and admirable; not only for Wal-Mart, but any company who chooses to put their associates in uniform. It seems as though there’s always a fuss about something and this is one of them. As an associate, I am happy with it. For whoever really cares.

  33. wally-world cashier says:

    So far I’m enjoying the dress code. BTW “3rd Shift Instock Team” the store-wide video stated a full range from khaki to brown including sage green but only sage green, kinda like a camo sage green. Dark blue shirts of any style as long as it’s modest (ladies) and you can even have a small (non-wal-mart)logo as long asa it’s smaller than your name badge. Skirts also can only be a badge width above your knees. No open-toe or open-heel shoes. Floor associates have a wider variety of clothing options than Managers though. Managers have to have buttons on their shirt (ie… button down dress shirts or polo’s) and tan pants; otherwise they’d blend in with the rest of us.

    We’re still copycatting all the other discount variety stores though. I would have prefered a little more oomph a little less “follow the leader”

  34. Wahoo says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  35. Mary says:

    I found your blog by accident but am glad I did

  36. mob says:

    Mary, you are spam. So no more talking about your mortgage plans…

  37. aphid says:

    ha, just like mary I stumbled upon this. I am looking to buy a walmart uniform can anyone give me a link to where I can attaine this?

  38. Ginger says:

    Where are the normal people??? And how on earth are all you weirdos finding this post? It’s from years ago!!! Leave it to die a peaceful death!!!!

  39. mob says:

    This post will never die. Here is a sketch for the proposed new Walmart Uniform. It is sort of a throw back to a uniform used years ago.

    Nazi Walmart Uniform

    You can order your own here.

  40. Doodee says:

    Thanks for sharing

  41. Cavtrpr340 says:

    I work night shift 9p.m.- 5a.m. floor maint. at a small walmart store in illinois we are NOT a 24 hour store we close down at 9 p.m. every night we have a new power trip manager now who will not allow the 5 or 6 night workers to wear a ball cap no customers ever see these folks i have been wearing my hat any way and am about to be canned for it thats what you get for busting your A$$ for this company for 8 years it’s the worst managed and run store in the nation flat and simple with a real moron running the show walmart treats the workers like $hit! looking for another job now. Cav.

  42. mob says:

    You should have looked for a new job 7.9 years ago. Walmart is notorious for treating its employees like poo on a shoe. Were you given health insurance? Could you join a union?

  43. sharon miller says:

    why and hell can’t a person ware open back shoes . you jerks sell the the open back but once sold you don’t want them in your store. don’t make sence why do you sell something that is not fit to ware in the publice? there is noting wrong with someone wareing these open back shoes if that is what makes there feet feel wake up asshole YOU SOLD METHE SHOE IN YOUR STORE NOW LET ME WARE IT OK ? ok.

  44. mob says:

    Yea… wait, did you buy the shoe in my store?

  45. mob mom says:

    oh my goodness…where do these people come from…and do they really have jobs?….and how did they begin this congregating around mob???

  46. unknown says:

    i think that wearing uniforms was a good thing, because it makes the store look more professional. you don’t have to look at someones butt showing all of the time or there boobs hanging out .people seem to take more pride in themselves knowing what they will wear everyday. when you workin walmart you automaticly know who to look for.whether you are off or on the clock you still take pride just knowing you work for walmart.

  47. dpt. mngr brad says:

    well i think that wal*mart is a very good company for sucess i’m only 19 and already a department manager. Dress code does not bother me because i get to wear a whitle lab coat! lol so either like the dress code or find another job.

  48. “well i think that wal*mart is a very good company for sucess i’m only 19 and already a department manager. Dress code does not bother me because i get to wear a whitle lab coat! lol so either like the dress code or find another job”Well, I think you lack the education to work anywhere other.  Now bring me something fresh and unblooded. We shall dine on your liver tonight my darling!

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