Walmart Uniform

I don’t think the employees of Wal-Mart are going to like their new uniform. What do you think??

Sexiest Uniform EVER

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75 comments on “Walmart Uniform
  1. mob says:

    Here at the dress code is the skin suit of the it in the hole who puts the lotion in the basket or it gets the hose again.

  2. manager r says:

    We now have new uniforms, they changed the dress code, not caring what we have invested in the old dress code.
    They force us to spend money then change and force us to spend more money.
    Lets not talk about mgmt. schedules, Hitler would be proud of Das Walmart.

  3. Biggie says:

    wow. this post is insane. where did all these ‘wal-mart’ers come from? scary…

  4. Pharmacy Tech says:

    I have to agree, if you don’t like the dress code, quit! I cannot believe so many people bitch about it. Almost every employer has some sort of dress code. You don’t bitch when you get your pay checks after sitting on your ass in the break room for your entire shift. No one is forcing you to stay at Wal*Mart. I’m not a big fan of the company myself, but seriously …..

  5. MIchelle says:

    I work and shop at Wal-mart and have been for the past 7 yrs and love every one of them and if you think about it they are no different from any other retailer they all have a dress code to let shoppers know who to go to if they need help would you rather not know who the workers are or would you rather just go up to someone that you thought maybe worked there and asked them a question or ask the for help not me.I also think they are a very good company to work for. LOVIN MY WAL-MART From NY

  6. mob says:

    Thank you run-on sentence.

  7. MIchelle says:

    Who cares about run on sentences

  8. mob says:

    English teachers care about run on sentences. Journalists care. People who want to get their point across care about not confusing the reader with their run-on sentences.


  9. I Too Work At Wally World says:

    unknown posted: “i think that wearing uniforms was a good thing, because it makes the store look more professional. you don’t have to look at someones butt showing all of the time or there boobs hanging out .people seem to take more pride in themselves knowing what they will wear everyday. when you workin walmart you automaticly know who to look for.whether you are off or on the clock you still take pride just knowing you work for walmart.”

    I think it’s a-holes like you that got uniforms put into play with your whining. I miss all the girls boobs hanging out of their shirts. You could go to target and see a bunch of ugly emo kids in polo shirts and pay higher prices, or go to walmart and see white-trash or mexican boobies AND pay less. Walmart kicked booty. And some of the butts on the trashy women at walmart, woohwee! That appreciation was from before I worked at walmart. Now that I have a job there, I really wish all the boobies and butts would start hanging out again. Especially in the summer. Hahahaha. Next thing you know, you’re gonna say the associates who smoke weed before work should be fired. YOU CRAZY WOMAN.

  10. I Too Work At Wally World says:

    Oh, and to all the conspiracy theorists, the walmart tshirts are $1 a piece, the polos are $3 a piece. Only the management shirts are $10. $3 on a polo shirt is probably a 10 cent markup. If you take the 5 million employees getting 3 to 4 shirts each, walmart still isn’t making diddly off the new dress code.

    They just need to make their uniforms more revealing. If I wanted weird looking employees that stare at me, I’ll go to central market or target. When I want weird looking employees with body parts hanging out, I used to be able to go to Walmart. Hooters and Twin Peaks and Bone Daddy’s just charge too high prices for sub par food and then the waitresses expect a tip just for being hot, so the customer service sucks half the time too. Oh well. One day I will start a chain of strip grocery stores with two departments… “Men’s” and “Women’s” rofl. And you can only shop if you are nude AND on a skateboard or roller skates.

  11. mob says:

    It is now time to bring out the Sparkly Unicorn. Everyone please remember to respect the sparkly unicorn.

    Sparkly Unicorn! Sparkly Unicorn! Sparkly Unicorn! Sparkly Unicorn! Sparkly Unicorn! Sparkly Unicorn!

  12. Ginger says:

    I have no respect for the sparkly unicorn. Let’s go to candy mountain, Charlie!

  13. liz says:

    “I Too Work At Wally World posted the following on 19Feb2009 at 10:43 am.

    Oh, and to all the conspiracy theorists, the walmart tshirts are $1 a piece, the polos are $3 a piece. Only the management shirts are $10. $3 on a polo shirt is probably a 10 cent markup. If you take the 5 million employees getting 3 to 4 shirts each, walmart still isn’t making diddly off the new dress code.”

    Would the person who posted this please let me know where you order these unifrom items? ALso do you know where to get the walmart embroidered logo that you can sew on a uniform garment.

    thank you much,


  14. Scott says:

    You looking for great benifits and Higher wages Take a look at Know your rights as a worker in canada. Walmart takes away these rights

  15. Wal-Mart employed says:

    Wow… I have worked for Walmart for 4 years, the dress code to me was a improvement not only in how we appeared to the consumer but in how we felt about ourselves on the sales floor.
    Someone questioned opened shoes, that is a safety issue and one I understood totally. A closed shoe better protects your entire foot.

    Also to the ones asking where to get the apparel I suggest asking your personnel members as the on line site at this time seems to be down, I think they are probably changing the designs again to update with the newer company logo.

  16. Anthony says:

    I work for wal-mart, I applied despite what I heard from people. Wal-mart is an amazing place to work. My fiance and I both applied in hopes to make some money for our baby, not only did they hire both of us but they put us on the same hours AND days so we could be home with our baby together. It all depends on who manages what. The wal-mart 5 miles south of where I work has ignorant management. I called in for a job and they were very rude. I’m happy to be where I am and the uniforms are very good, jeans with any navy blue shirt. It’s by far the best and most comfortable job I have ever had. The personnel manager worked with me through everything and they do really care!

  17. mob says:

    Does Walmart provide you with healthcare for you and your family?

  18. DarkerShadowMan says:

    Dood, this shit is greatness. I have never before seen such a congregation of inadequate, illiterate and insufficiently developed people, since I went into 1st grade. And, that was some time ago. I thank you all for the splendid read. Surprising what one will discover online, when he is chilling at work. US NAVY BIOTCH! Again, thank you all.

    P.S. “mob”… You, good sir, are a douche. But, you’re funny as hell. Keep on keeping on you fat bastard. I am just assuming you’re fat. If not, don’t take offense. If so, hit a treadmill. Just saying…

  19. mob says:

    I am sorry you entered in the Navy, but I will forgive you. (US ARMY BIOTCH). This post will never die. It is like a roach infestation at a WalMart.

  20. Ginger says:

    The horse has been dead nearly 5 years. Stop beating it!
    horse beat

  21. UT Hooligan says:

    Presumption is as was made and so it is, as stated prior in the response not more than four replys yore, that said originator of this thread is indeed corpulant.

    Let the horse beatings continue.


  22. hanger man says:

    walmart is the most disgusting employer in the world. I have never seen people treated lik shit like at walmart. they kill the managers, and destroy the hourly associates lives through the holidays..and then cut the hours so their gas is being turned off in Feb. THEY NEED A UNION. Get smart people- organize!! better pay, schedules, benefits, guarenteed hours for FT, and a minimum for PT.. they suck, and are managed another poster listed.. idiots who never made it out of high school..

  23. The City That Reads says:

    I, myself, find it quite disturbing that there are people out there who cannot seem to read or write, actually attain jobs, though in this area, it is a double-edged sword. You have idiots who would rather live off our tax dollars, and idiots who waste company payroll, but that’s a topic for another discussion. Playing the Devil’s advocate, I agree that uniforms are necessary to present a more professional atmosphere, however, gleaning what I could from experience in retail and the complaints of others, a uniform does prevent one from effectively disappearing after work hours. While I agree that answering a quick question takes little effort on the employee’s part, there are some circumstances where a customer seems to think it is okay to abuse and/or harass retail employees. I have even seen customers walk up to an employee who is clearly off-duty, cart full of groceries, handbag, and wandering through the store, while completely ignoring the employee who is actually working on the sales floor, right in front of the customer and willing to assist! This is no exaggeration, either, and it would seem this city has more than its fair share of those who take the motto “It’s Your Store” to an extreme, to the extent that someone so impatient will accuse an employee who has to take a meal break (mind you there were no lines at the registers, either), of performing poor customer service when the register lane was clearly closed down long before the customer ever appeared. I have also seen customers wait until the cashiers with their lights off have turned their backs to help another customer with bags to start loading the conveyor belt with their items or sneak into the back of the line and when reminded the lane is closed, they loudly announce that they had been standing there for ten minutes. But, I digress. Uniforms, on the downside, do not allow for an easy exit once an employee has clocked out for the day, and it isn’t fair to say because someone works a blue collar job means they sign away their lives. Imagine you are leaving your 9-5 law firm and have just stepped outside the office with briefcase in hand, exhausted in a rumpled business suit from a long, stifling day at work, wanting to get to your car/bus/train and go home to your eagerly awaiting family. Suddenly, some random client appears, seeing that you work for this firm, and that you are leaving for the day, Not only does the client ask you to take them inside and lead them to the attorney’s office next door to yours, they also want directions to the bathroom, and the stairwell even though the elevator is right in front of them. Oh yes, and even though you specialize in Personal Injury, the client would like your advice on Family Law, which you know nothing about, but the client will not take no for an answer. Not the same, huh? You try working retail for 8 or 9 hours a day, and then see if you have the same opinion.

  24. mob says:

    Paragraph breaks.

  25. Abe Orton says:

    I <3 beating the horse! Whack!

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